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The Crew


Jaye van Veen - Tattooist And Owner of Slack Alice's

Having attained 3 N.V.Q's in Beauty Therapy and diplomas in anatomy, Physiology and Theatrical Make-up, Jaye began her career as a make-up artist at the B.B.C. Happy times. Many stories. But there was always a dream:Tattooing! And it was whilst learning and serving a long apprenticeship that Jaye developed her own unique style, work and client values. And with those ethics Jaye created 'Slack Alice's', wanting tattooing to be recognised and accepted for what it is: a beautiful art form; and wanting only the best artists with the most honest of personalities to create it.

Able to tattoo all styles, Jaye has become an expert at and specialises in Script and 'Old School' tattoos. Professionally trained and certificated, Jaye is also an expert laser technician qualified to perform all procedures offered at the 'Slack Alice's Laser Clinic'
Currently Jaye has no spare time. It's all About Slack Alice's.

Jules van Haestregt - Laser Technician and Shop Manager

With an continuing career in music and writing, Jules has always held a special place in the heart of Slack Alice's. With the popularity of the shop ever-growing, Jules found herelf coaxed into a more active role by agreeing to take on the role of Shop Manager in 2013. 

​With the opening of the 'Slack Alice's Laser Clinic', and having been professionally trained and certificated as a technician, Jules discovered a whole new vocation: a passion to promote the benefits of laser treatments. With the vast range the clinic has available,
coupled with the exceptional levels of hygiene and client care that are the Slack Alice's norm; she believes the results achievable are nothing short of miraculous.

Jules spends her spare time touring and writing.


Jamie Holliday - Tattooist

Jamie has worked at Slack Alice's since its establishment in 2011. With over 8 years experience as a tattooist, Jamie has worked abroad as well as in the U.K A respected and unique personality, his banter with the crew and clients is legendary and makes for a most interesting and entertaining experience.

Able to tattoo all styles, Jamie is the shop's 'large piece' artist, able to effortlessly create the most beautiful tattoos on a magnificent scale.

His speciality and what he excels at, is realism. The near perfect replication of an image.

In his spare time, Jamie hits the gym and just loves his cars.

Laurie Angel Donald - Body Piercer

With a starting career in the Army, Laurie served 7 years with world famous 'King's Troop R.H.A'. It was a wonderful time full of pomp, ceremony and Royal duties, and that is where his journey into the world of tattoos and piercing began.

Tattoos in the Army are a form of individualism, and covered as he is, the natural progress (for him) after the Army was into piercing. Laurie loves piercing; he is very good at it. Professionally trained, and with the personal mantra: 'If I can pinch it, I can pierce it', he is passionate about his work; from the best quality equipment and jewellery he uses, to the extremes of hygiene and thorough advice and aftercare.

With such high standards, Laurie's piercing clients are always guarenteed the highest level of expertise and professional service.

Laurie spends his spare time at the gym and looking after his faithful horse and 'wingman' Kevin, who he bought out of the Army on retirement.
"The best tattoo shop ... EVER!!!"

Bronn Kunzel-Brooker